Only consider corporations, trusts, and foundations that are legal and authorized in the countries that offer them

It is important to understand that you have thousands of choices on where to deposit the funds. Many off shore banks are better capitalized than the banks in your local area and many are not.

There are thousands of companies and lawyers that offer some or all of the necessary off shore services. You must consult with a competant attorney and follow the law correctly. We offer retirement options in Costa Rica not legal advise only an attorney can offer this.

The big question that most people have to ask is what happens if I want to start living on the off shore funds once my retirement starts or they feel the risks of lawsuits no longer exits. WE ADVISE YOU TO ALWAYS DECLARE THE TAX OBLIGATION IN YOUR LOCAL COUNTRY SO IF YOU DECIDE TO BRING THE FUNDS BACK THE ENTIRE TAX OBLIGATION HAS BEEN PAID AND THERE IS NO PROBLEM..
There may be ways to legally avoid taxation ( BUT MAKE SURE TO DO THIS LEGALLY ) on these funds but that is something that takes a lot of planning. If the worst of your fears come to pass, there are many countries where you can find happiness and security in which to live and spend your funds.

The countries that provide the best protection are many and varied. The most important thing in our opinion is having the off shore corporation, trust, or foundation in one country and the funds in another country so that there is no cross connection.

For example the landlord being sued because a lawyer obtained a client whose children are not doing well in school and claims the reason is they ate lead paint in the building ten years ago before the present landlord owned the building. How do you defend yourself against the claim in this since the lawyers see their work like the lottery? If they file enough of these they are going to win some. What if the unlucky one is you?

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