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Costa Rica and Global Warming
One of the predicted safe countries

Projected map with rise in oceans

In many ways, Costa Rica will be one of the least effected countries in the World. Obviously, Costa Rica will see a lot of changes, but many experts are predicating that the geography of Costa Rica will protect it from many of the more catastrophic changes expected around the World as Global Warming takes hold.

In South America, countries like Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil are likely to take more of beating from stronger El Niño and La Niña ocean current temperature swings.Central America north of Costa Rica will like wise take stronger beatings from Hurricanes and tropical storms.  

Take a look at the map of South America and realize the northern tip of the continent is north of Costa Rica and hurricanes move from east to west clockwise thus sparing Costa Rica of the problems of Nicaguara, Houndouras, Mexico etc..  Obviously the islands like Cuba, Jamacia, Cayman will be a place to beware of.  If the predicted rise in sea levels happens more rapidly than people are prepared for expect most of Florida to be under water along with many parts of northern Europe.

In Costa Rica, the mountains and the long coast will be the two major factors mitigating the damage of Global warming. One of the major reasons is that Costa Rica already has such an extreme variations in climate, with thousands of micro-climates spread across the country, that changes will tend to be isolated from region to region.
Costa Rica is divided into two parts, the central valley which has high elevations and spring like weather and the low lying beaches which will be affected like other low lying areas in any sea level change.  However the central valley may become the new safe place in the whole world.

In Costa Rica l, the long coast generates precipitation that will insure that much of Costa Rica will stay sufficiently wet.  Common sense alone explains the fact that lands surrounded by oceans on both sides heat up and cool down much slower than large land masses.  Costa Rica is hardly more than 100 miles from the ocean in any place.

The diversity of micro climates that make up the climate in Costa Rica will allow the country especially the central valley  to hedge its bets against the effects of wild swings in Global warming.

The oceans will likely save the country  by providing plenty of moisture for sources of fresh water; however, a rise in global sea levels will also take its toll on many of the coastal communities.
Ocean rise in north america, all of florida could be underwater
Projected map with ocean riser
Water will become the next scarce item soaring in price like oil has done over the last 30 years and what better place than the central valley of Costa Rica.
Some of these  towns and cities along the coast will be able to withstand and adapt with minimal impact that are perched on hillsides.

Costa Rica will be of the safest countries around the World and especially countries in Latin America. The impact in Costa Rica  should be relatively small especially in the central valley.

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