Kings Garden Restaurant:

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 Kings Garden

Across from Corobici Hotel

Tel: (506) 255-3838

Orbit's Recommendation for Moderate Prices


Crispy Spring Rolls

B.B.Q. Pork Slices

B.B.Q. Spareribs

Fried Chicken Wings

Deep Fried Wonton


Chicken with ham salad

Shrimp Salad

Sparragus Salad

Heart of palm salad

House special salad


Wontan soup

Hot & Sour soup

Chicken soup with creamy corn

"West Lake" beef soup

Seafoods Tou-Fu soup

Shark fin with shredded chicken soup

Fish Maw soup with assorted meats

Sliced pork with pickled vegetable

Chop Suey

House special chop suey

Chicken, ham with mushroom chop suey

Chicken chop suey

B.B.Q. pork chop suey

Shirimp chop suey

Cantonese style dry chop suey


House special fried rice

Chicken, ham, with mushroom fired rice

Chicken fried rice

B.B.Q. pork fried rice

Shrimp fried rice

Canned squid fried rice

Cantones fried rice

Assorted meats with vegetable on steamed rice

Tender beef with tomato on steamed rice


Lobster in black bean sauce

Lobster in garlic sauce

Steamed whole fish with soya sauce

Fried whole fish with sweet sauce

Breaded slices fish with sweet & sour sauce

Fish slices with vegetables

Stuffed fish rolls with bacon in mushroom sauce

Breaded shrimp with sweet & sour sauce

Jumbo shrimps with sweet garlic butter

Shrimps with cashew nuts

Scallop with broccoli

Fresh squid with black bean sauce


House special fried chicken

Breaded chicken breast slices with sweet & sour sauce

Chicken with cashew nuts

Mo-gu-gai pen (Chicken slices with mushrooms)

Sliced fried chiken in lemon sauce

Sliced chicken with green pepper in black bean sauce

Chicken in curry sauce

Beef & Pork Meat

Hong Kong Style Tenderloin served on Hot Iron Plate

Beef with green pepper in black bean sauce

Beef & Broccoli

Sweet & sour pork

Hong Kong style spareribs

Diced pork with cashew nuts

B.B.Q. pork

Szechuan Dishes (A little hot)

Ma-po Tou-Fu

Szechuan beef

Kung-Pao shrimp

Kung-Pao chicken

Kung-Pao pork

Mu-Shu pork


B.B.Q. Duck (Half)

B.B.Q. Spareribs

Sauteed seafood with vegetable in bird nest

Beef with orange peel in bird nest

Sauteed seafood with vegetables, toasted rice on hot plate

Assorted meats and vegetables, toasted rice on hot plate

Seafood with satay sauce on hot iron plate

Fried bean curd with assorted meats and vegetables in hot pot

Stir fried mix seasoned vegetables and mushroom

Sha-Ho-Fan with beef

Sha-Ho-Fan with assorted meat and vegetables

Vermicelli Singapur style

International Dishes

Tenderloin Steak and french fries

Filet mignon in mushroom sauce with fries and steamed rice

Breaded fried chicken with fries

Chicken in mushroom sauce served with steamed rice

Fish filet with fries

Butter garlic filet of fish with fries

Ox's tongue in tomato & mushroom sauce


Three milks

Coconut puddings

Peach canned


Fresh fruit bowl

Ice cream

Chocolate polecat


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