Machu Pichu Restaurant:


Machu Picchu Restaurant

2nd. Ave, 32nd. Street, San José. Tel: (506) 222-7384

This is Orbits Top Recommendation in all of Costa Rica

Ask for Mario or the owner Senor Hymil. Tell them " Alan " sent you from the Internet.
They will give you a big welcome...

Cold Appetizers
Queen Sea Bass ceviche:
Queen Sea Bass cut into bite-sized pieces, cooked in lime juice, seasoned with garlic and garnished with slivers of lime-juice marinated onion. Served with sweet potato and sweet corn on the cob, to put out there of our famous aji pepper sauce.
Octopus ceviche:
Tender slices of cookied octopus marinated in lime juice and garlic. Served with marinated onion slivers, sweet potato and corn on the cob.
Sea-Food ceviche:
Sea bass, octopus, shrimp and squid marinated in lime juice, smothered in onion slivers with sweet potato and corn-on-the-cob. Don't forget the aji pepper sauce.
Short-Order Queen Sea Bass ceviche:
Queen sea bass cut into bite-sized pieces, cooked in lime juice seasoned with garlic and garnished with slivers of piquant onion (prepared when you order. A typical Peruvian treat).
Potatoes Huacaina:
Boiled, potato slices, smothered in a delicious cheese white sauce.
Causa Limena:
Potato puree, stuffed with jumbo shrimps with an exciting onion sauce.

 Hot Appetizers
Special Assorted Seafood Platter:
A delicious platter of assorted sea-foods prepared in a variety of special ways (serves 2)
Stuffed Potatoes:
Potato puree, stuffed with minced meat Peruvian olives and covered with a delicious onion salad.
Bite-sized slices of pickled beef heart, charcoal broiled and served with golden-browned potatoes and a light Creole onion sauce.
Shrimps Parmesan:
Delicious Parmesan cheese A gratin shrimp pieces, baked in small fan seashells.
Chicken Craklings:
Crispy strips of fried chicken, served with our special tartar sauce.
Squid Cracklings:
Tender crispy strips of fried squid, served with our special tartar sauce.
Ceviche on-the-rocks:
A delicious specialty of Northern Peru served hot. Try this one on the Chef's recomendation.


Seafood Chowder:
A hearty blend of assorted shellfish, generously seasoned with garlic, onion and aromatic spices accented with dry wine
Seafood Bisque:
Concentred fish-head soup stock revved up with a variety of shellfish, garlic, onion and coriander (This is typically called a Lazarus soup, capable of reviving the dead)


 Main Course
Sea Bass Fillet:
Fresh Sea Bass filet garnished with our slightly spicy garlic, onion and coriander sauce.
Sea Bass a lo Macho:
Specialty of our chef, prepared, with garlic, onion, peruvian aji (hot pepper sauce), a variety of seafood and accented with aromatic white wine.
Sea Bass Limena:
Steamed fillet of Sea bass, with a delicate white wine, mushroom sauce, baked with Parmesan cheese a gratin. Served with boiled potatoes on the side.
Sea Bass Machu Picchu:
Broiled sea bass, doused in a scrumptious lobster sauce with Jumbo Shirmps, baked in cogñac and parmesan a gratin.
Stuffed Sea Bass:
A fillet of fresh Sea bass, stuffed with Jumbo Shrimps and covered in its natural sauce.
Sea bass Florentina:
A delightfull fillet of fresh Sea bass with an exquisite spinach sauce.


 Seafood Specialties
Fisherman's choise Jumbo Shrimp:
A typical Peruvian dish, prepared with our special seasonings of garlic, onion, parsley and a blend of Peruvian spices.
Jumbo Shrimp Thermidor:
Tender Jumbo Shrimps baked in a savory sauce of sweet cream, mushrooms, cogñac and parmesan cheese.
Piquant Shrimps:
Succulent shrimps, prepared in a sauce of onion, sweet cream and yellow Peruvian aji (hot pepper).
Medium-sized breaded shrimps:
Seafood Cau Cau:
A luscious assortment of seafood delicacies prepared in garlic, onion and yellow Peruvian aji.

 Other Choices
Peruvian Tenderloin Stir-Fry:
Bite-sized pieces of tenderloin, onion, tomato, parsley, stir-fried when you place your order.
Black Peppered Chicken:
Chicken medallions prepared with a delicious black pepper sauce.
Chicken Piquant:
Tender slices of chicken, prepared with nuts, milk and bread-crumbs.
Chicken Chaufa:
A Peruvian version of Cantonese rice with ham, chicken and eggs.
Sea Food Rice:


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