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GSC188: Nicoya Peninsula. This is a contiguous assemblage of 3505 hectars
(8657 acres) for conservation.

The property is 95% forest with first growth

Occupying 37.8% & second growth with an average age of 15 to 20 years
Occupying 57.3%. There are many rivers & river sources as well as a great
variety of animals & birds, such as monkeys (including white face),
armadillos, white tail deer & toucans.

Due to elevations to 1000 meters (about 3300 feet), the climate is generally cooler & there
are views to the beaches of Guanacaste. Because of this + the great quantity of birds (130
species identified) & animals, the property would make an excellent tourist attraction.

There is good access to the property & electric available.

Price is $900 per hectar.

Approximately 5000 more hectars could be available.


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