Real Estate:

Tres Rios Estate Lots

$20,000 per acre

Stuning vista hardwood luxury subdivision lots in ten acre high security new subdivision atop the Carpintera Mountain range in Tres Rios.
The subdivision is 8 miles east from downtown San Jose and 1 mile off the Panamerican Highway between San Jose and Cartago.

This completely protected and perserved area includes electricity, telephone and sensational ojo de agua ( large artesian spring ).

The owner of the property intends to live in the subdivision and is building a clubhouse and swimming pool for the subdivision. The owner also owns the surrounding 2000 acres which is protected as a forest reserve which does not permiit more than 10% of the property ever being developed.

Comparable prices in Escazu run $400,000 an acre.
Save money and enjoy better climate better roads and more ecologically pristine area.

For further information about this house, please contact us at:
Phone: contry code 506 / 2281162 or 506 / 2883487

Panamerican Highway, passes by the property

Meadow view

Meadow view

View looking down from property

Entrance to property

View from half way up the mountain

View looking up the mountain

View looking up the mountain

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