Costa Rica B&Bs

For the segment of the traveling public who want real home style personalized service with real familys who live and work in costa rica we present Costa Rica
B&B section here.

Often this is the best and quickest way to really know the country. Our selection here goes from very upscale operations to at mininum charming. There are no cheap run down hostels here. We know all the owners personally and can recommend them as great guides for understanding the country.

For those of you who do not like giving your money to the big multi national chain hotels like marriott, barcelo, occidental, hampton these B&B owners live, work, spend their profits here in Costa Rica. Many of them are instrumental in helping the local communities preserve their eco way of life in creating eco tourism and eco inns and lodges, organic gardening, funding cooperatives for the campensinos, teaching in local schools preserving the enviroment in general.

Pura Vida
Villa Alegre
Escazu Treehouse
Villa Casa Blanca
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