50 building lots for single family houses from 500 meters to 1600 meters

This is far away the best retirement community set up we have ever seen in Costa Rica.

Better climate than Atenas in our opinion which National Geograhic claims is best climate in the world.

1. It is registered under the codominium law for protection that means that
all the owners have to follow the common rules for safety and ambiance for the most secure community values

2. The total area is 86,000 square meters which is about 22 acres

3. Approximately 42% of the suddivision is legally set aside for parks, green areas, for common ownership by the community

4. All the lots are buildable without any great engineering excavation miracles needed

5. Guarded gated 24 hours a day 7 days a week

6. Puriscal is like the states in 1950. Safe, Safe, Safe, Quiet, Quiet, Quiet

Yet still close to Escazu by car ---30 minutes There is a connection in existence to the new beach road called Caldera Highway

7. Incredible beautiful wooded area of Puriscal at elevations from 3200 feet to 3900 feet

8. Underground electric, paved roads, certified water supply, lake, playgrounds

9. Low monthly common maintenance fees for guards

10. Low property taxes

11. Community organic gardening and natural food cooking classes for those interested

12. All houses will have front porch style to encourage neighbors interacting like the days of old when we actually forges lasting friendships


CONTACT Harold 8271314 or speak with Angela Jimenez

the architect for house designs 382-0970 info on Angela



Rediscovering the front porch


porchs promote grace and comfort and what we all miss, a return to better days, conversation simply by virtue of the fact that on a porch there is no need for it . . . Make real friends again from the bridge of your ship

Our love affair with the porch runs deep. To us, a porch is more than just an architectural addition. It's a room without walls, a simple, peaceful space where we can watch the world go by while lazy breezes caress our souls, where it's so quiet we can hear nature. We remember the unhurried days...that passed by in our youth, and we long to return to them.The concept of the porch can be traced back to the ancient civilizations who erected verandas to shade interior gardens. Before industrialization and massive population growth created a cookie cutter closed in society, porches were practical additions to a home, serving to shade the facade not that its gets too hot in Puriscal since it rarely gets above 75F.  Porches are icons of deliberate living, full of leisure and gentle conversation.

The porch is our connection to nature, our green communion.



 toward the end of the 19th century, central heating and electric lights eliminated the need for a porch that was sized and positioned to welcome the sun's warmth. The traditional front porch began to dwindle from new houses, replaced by rear and side porches. The advance of the automobile also contributed to the fall of the front porch: who wanted to sit and watch the sunset while a stream of cars stormed past, filling the air with noise and exhaust?

People went inside their our air-conditioned dens and rumpus rooms. Lovers left the porch swings. Children gathered their toys and headed for the playrooms. We flipped on our TVs and stopped talking. A silence descended on our streets. Passersby no longer raised a hand in greeting; they counted the sidewalk cracks or stared at our white curtains, backlit by a dancing blue glow.

We look to the past with a discerning eye, retracing our steps and trying to regain the path to familiar, friendly, traditional living. Porches are seen as an important element of that quest; they're being included as popular selling points on new homes, as more and more people search for the simple life.

In our planned community at Dancing Butterflys the porch is not only a welcome addition, it's an imperative. In an admirable attempt to recapture the feel of small-town life, porches are included to present a congenial countenance to the street. We designed this community for all  houses to include porches in order to connect the occupants to the street and the sidewalks of Dancing Butterflys.

On your porch it's possible to be in a private space and still participate in a public sense—and the public can participate in a home owner's private world." It


is this embrace of healthy interaction that contributes to the porch's once-again burgeoning popularity. The boundaries between private and public domains are blurred by the addition of a porch and are further enhanced by its design. Noble columns and nostalgic railings offer a cordial welcome to guests, as do soft chairs, lush potted plants and sweating glasses of lemonade, area rugs and white-painted floor boards, tufted pillows and bowls of bright fruits.

There is a movement back to the roots of our contentment. We are tired of sitting inside while the world passes by outside. We are rediscovering that our need for human interaction shouldn't end at our front door, but should include our neighbors as they stroll past each dusky evening. We are gradually realizing that our hunger for peace and calm cannot be sated by a droning TV in a stale, air-conditioned room; it can only be fulfilled by the lull of conversation, the whisper of the wind in the trees, and the hum of the world as we sit out on our porch.





The climate in Costa Rica varies substantially in the different geo climate zones.Puriscal at an average of 3600 feet in elevation has an ideal climate which we refer to as the eternal spring time. Year round lows average a mild 65 degrees F. while it hardly ever exceeds 78 degrees F. and then only in the middle of the day around noon to 2 pm..

Rainfall is moderate during the rainy season and usually begins around noon and clears up within an hour making the flora as green as if you had a full time PhD in gardening.

September and October are the months with most rain.

Compare this to San Jose and Escazu which are an average of 4100 feet in elevation and 3600 feet in elevation respectively. Both are more influenced by the Atlantic and have more rain and are slightly colder. San Jose downtown is about 29 miles from Puriscal.

Escazu is about 22 miles from Puriscal. Puriscal has all the basic shopping selection that you will need and for the upscale shopping Escazu will be the selection of any thing you will need. Once the Residents Association is complete we plan to offer a shuttle 3 times a week for group trips to Escazu where you will find our version of Sams Club (Price Smart) and Wal-Mart (Wal-Mart owns the look alike store called Hipermas) and Home Depot (EPA) and of course the huge mall called Multiplaza.

The dry season typically lasts from December to April although it does sprinkle from time to time. The wet season starts very slow and usually only during September and October will there exist a lot of rain although even then there are days of no rain.

The beaches are hot all year long similar to Florida in the Summer averaging 74 F. at night and 88 F. in the day with the Pacific beaches a little hotter than the Caribbean and a lot more rain.

In Puriscal you can easily visit the beach in the morning and be back before 5 pm.. especially with the new coastal highway which is now slated to be finished in 2009.

There is a connector road from Puriscal already in existence to this new highway which also will take you directly pass Multiplaza in Escazu in the other direction.

You can read a lot of info on the micro climates of Costa Rica and decide for yourself if you want to live in eternal spring time with us in Puriscal which is still largely undiscovered by the increasing influx of retirees not just from the States but Europe and South America. While we love Escazu, the price you have to pay for what we offer here in Puriscal is 3 times more and in some places in Escazu 6 times more. Since we are comparing the upscale Escazu area we can state beyond ANY DOUBTS that Puriscal is 10 times more laid back and safer than Escazu or any other area of Costa Rica that gringos typically move to.