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Real Macrobiotics Comes to Costa Rica

Readers of this article who have been in Costa Rica for any extended time see the word "Macrobiotics" in many stores.
What these stores sell is mainly vitamins that have no real connection to macrobiotics as taught by Michio Kushi.
Kushi was invited to speak in Costa Rica by Oscar Arias the first time he was president 20 years ago.

Kushi has been a world reknowned teacher of natural healing for over 60 years since he started at Columbia University and has addressed thousands of professional groups including the United States Senate and the United Nations on natural healing and dietary principles.  Both of these groups have taken his recommendations in issuing their dietary
recommendations along with Harvard University and the New England Journal of edicine.  Tens of thousands of people have have cured themselves of all types of disease using his  dietary methods including some world famous doctors.  The whole natural foods industry did not exist until Mr. Kushi  started teaching people about the dangers of sugar, pesticides and artificial ingredients.

In September the long time assistant to Micho Kushi, Warren Kramer will be giving a weekend introductory lecture and cooking class in Escazu.  Kramer spent 11 years with Kushi almost every day taking in his unique understanding of how to balance life according to the traditional principles of yin (expansion) and yang (contraction).  Kramer is an expert at using this understanding to help people control fatigue, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, skin disease and digestive problems.

All traditional cultures embraced a way of eating and living that centered on whole grains to support physical, mental, and emotional health.  Hippocrates, the father of modern estern medicine, used the word "macrobiotic" to describe a healthy, long lived life.  The
real purpose of macrobiotics is not to cure disease but prevent disease from occurring.

Macrobiotics is at the most basic the use of balancing food according to acid (yin) and alkaline (yang).  Experts in the field including more and more medical doctors agree that illness does not develop when a person's blood quality is in a relative alkaline state.
The modern diet which is high in refined sugar, processed white flour, excessive amounts of animal protein, carbonated beverages, and synthetic additives and drugs all contribute to an acidic condition causing illness but most of all a lack of peaceful life.

Sedentary lifestyle, overeating and late night eating also contribute to this acidic ondition.  This is easy to confirm by checking a person's pH level.

The macrobiotic diet does not eliminate any particular food but is oriented toward those foods that cause a healthy alkaline condition.
These are whole grains, miso, sea vegetables, pickles, beans, more contracted types of fruit.   It is also very important to understand sea salt versus refined salt plays the most important part in maintaining a healthy disease free body.   Sea salt contains 60 trace minerals needed to digest salt in the body where refined salt is very difficult to digest.

Our blood quality is determined by the food we eat, the exercise we get, and the thoughts we take in.  While modern medicine works wonders on halting symptoms, it will not make us well in the long run. Only you can change your health from what goes in your mouth.

Warren Kramer will demonstrate the art of healthy delicious cooking so a beginner can start to regain their real health and happiness.
He will explain how to balance food according to yin and yang.

Warren is a friend of Angela Jimenez Rocha an architect who took pills for high blood pressure for many years and was told by her doctor she would need to continue this for the rest of her life. One month of a macrobiotic diet eliminated the high blood pressure and the need for the pills along with 20 pounds that never came back.

Class size is limited and advance reservation required.  Cost of the whole weekend is $200.  September 15 and 16, 9am to 4pm in Escazu. call Angela at 3820970 or 8271314.   Warren also will be available for private consultation on limited basis the 14th and 17th.



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